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Electric Gate Repair

Some of us believe that an electric gate is a product that never lets us down and will always stand proudly at the door of our house, serving us faithfully.

Even if you invest in an electric gate of the highest quality, it is important to acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to potential breakdowns. Whether due to wear and tear, electrical malfunctions, or other factors, seeking professional electric gate repair services is always advisable to ensure prompt and efficient resolution. By entrusting your gate repair needs to experts, you can rest assured that your electric gate will be restored to its optimal functionality, providing you with continued convenience and peace of mind.

Attempting to repair it yourself may result in a perilous failure, potentially leading to irrevocable damage. In such circumstances, it is advisable to avoid attempting any repairs and seek professional assistance.

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Gate Repair

The motor might come to mind first when you think of gate repair. However, the gate itself can also encounter numerous issues. With proper maintenance, many of these faults can be avoided.

Here are some common problems that can occur with gates and how you can prevent them:


Over time, the hinges on your gate may become loose or damaged, causing it to become misaligned. This can make it difficult for your gate to open or close properly. To prevent this issue, regularly check and tighten any screws or bolts on the hinges. You can also lubricate the hinges to keep them functioning smoothly.

Wear and tear

As with any mechanical or electronic item, gates are subject to wear and tear. This can be due to frequent use, exposure to harsh weather conditions, or old age. Cleaning and maintaining your gate regularly is important to prevent excessive wear and tear. This includes removing any debris or dirt from the tracks and moving parts and checking for signs of damage.

Electrical malfunctions

If your gate is automated, electrical malfunctions can occur. This can be due to faulty wiring, damaged sensors, or power outages. To prevent these issues, have a professional install and regularly maintain your gate’s electric components. It is also important to have a backup power source in case of a power outage.

Rust and corrosion

Gates are exposed to the elements, making them prone to rust and corrosion. This can weaken the structure of the gate and cause it to malfunction. To prevent this, ensure your gate is made from high-quality materials resistant to rust and corrosion. You should also regularly clean and seal your gate to protect it from the elements.

Damage from vehicles

Gates can also sustain damage, especially if improperly operated. To prevent this, ensure clear signage indicating proper gate use and install safety features such as sensors or automatic reversal mechanisms. It is also important to regularly inspect your gate for any signs of physical damage and address them immediately.